The House of Flamenco "FLAMENQUERIA"
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GUITAR LESSONS private guitar lessons for adults and kids
- Flamenco guitar Classical guitar Sheet music and introduction to the solfeggio Accompaniment Teacher: Maksim Mélnikov, the Jury Prize at the International Flamenco Festival ¡Viva España! 2014-2015
Organization of Spanish parties and events
The artists of the company Flamenquería will make your party incomparable and unforgettable. The best flamenco artists of Moscow (dance, guitar, cante, percussion) will work for you and your guests. Only with Flamenquería youll be able to enjoy a wide repertoire, an authentic and qualitative interpretation, an exclusive choreography, montages from the great artists of Spain, beautiful and elegant costumes ...
Flamenco for children. Group lessons 5-13 years
Initiation to flamenco and classical dance, correct body position, development of the rhythmic ear and revelation of the artistic personality. Professional focus on personalized learning. FRI 16:30-17:30 children's group, Initiation Level FRI 17:30-19:00 children's group, Beginners Level. SAT 11:00-12:00 children's group, Initiation Level SAT 12:00-13:30 children's group, Beginners Level
Registration open to groups of different levels.
We invite you to try classes with our talented teachers, who truly love what they do. Groups "from 0", Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. Groups for children.
Rental of the concert hall.Your event on our stage
An ideal place in the centre of the city, for a good price. Large stage, professional lighting and sound equipment, suitable floor for all types of dance, capacity 250 people. A unique and original option for any event: concert, seminar, conference, exhibition or corporate event...
This year is special for The House of Flamenco "Flamenqueria" because of its tenth anniversary but we also share a very important experience: Elena Sova (Soboleva), creator, founder and inspirer of "Flamenqueria", has had the honour of receiving a high decoration: the Order of the Kingdom of Spain, Cross of Civil Merit.
SOVAFM cinemotion
The SOVAFM film studio is a new department founded on the basis of our Cultural Centre Flamenquería. We make music clips, short films and feature films of different genres depending on what can interest and inspire us.
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International Flamenco Festival ¡Viva España!

The presentation of the House of Flamenco

The Order of the Kingdom of Spain


Flamenquería is an international cultural center for flamenco art in Moscow (Russia) and Seville (Spain); its history began in 2008 when it was founded as a dance school in Moscow.

Our main objective is the popularization and promotion of flamenco culture through its different aspects: dance, music, theater and cinema.

On 16 November 2010 Flamenco was designated World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

The opening ceremony of the House of Flamenco Flamenquería took place in 2011, with the presence of Javier Larrache, cultural advisor of the Embassy of Spain.

"The House of Flamenco " Flamenquería" is a real cultural center, essential to promote the culture of Spain in Russia and to foster relations between the two countries," said Mr. Larrache at the ceremony.

The House of Flamenco "Flamenquería" is a modern three-story building that has everything you need to carry out all kinds of events at a high level: 5 rehearsal dance halls with a shock absorbing floor, a theater with a capacity 250 people with the acoustic floor (ideal for flamenco), several classrooms, massage, service rooms and, of course, Flamenco Fashion House (La Casa de la Moda Flamenca).

Our Spanish branch Flamenqueria Sevilla, is located in the very heart of Andalusia, in the legendary Sevillian district called Triana, where flamenco was born. The windows of the school overlook the Guadalquivir river and the orange trees ...

"Flamenqueria Sevilla" develops its work in two main directions:

-The Dance School: teaching of dance, guitar, percussion, flamenco theory for dancers and musicians of all professional levels; we also offer our students an opportunity to experience the tablao stage

-The Orillas de Triana Flamenco Tablao (Orillas de Triana Flamenco Cultural Association): performances, shows and concerts by great flamenco artists. In 2017 and 2019 the tablao was awarded The Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

Since 2020 Flamenquería Sevilla offers a series of transmissions of Tablaos online, accessible to the public anywhere in the world.

Flamenquería organizes different projects and performances with the participation of flamenco artists for all kinds of events; it also offers its dance halls and rooms for rehearsals, conferences and concerts.

Our featured project is the ¡Viva España! Festival, the largest flamenco event in the entire territory of Russia and the countries of the former CIS and the Baltic States. Thanks to the celebration of this festival, Russian spectators enjoy the best shows of the masters of the flamenco world of Spain. It was launched in 2004, it obtained international status in 2005. From 2011 until today, it has been organized by The House of Flamenco Flamenquería.

To support Russian artists, we organize the Golden Kentavride Contest for adult artists and the Flamenkita Children's Festival, within the framework of the Viva España Festival.

"Flamenquería" expresses its deep gratitude for the support and collaboration to the Embassy of Spain and the non-profit foundation "Duende".

We know a lot about the beauty of flamenco and we want to share it with you!