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We will be very happy to see you in our showroom. Here you can find everything you need for flamenco classes and fiestas.

Skirts, professional shoes, shawls (mantones), castanets, fans and many other accessories.

Also clothes for classes and training from the new eco line: leggings, bodysuits, hoodies and other items made from natural fabrics from YUGA clothes. Our consultant will help you choose the clothes and shoes that will be comfortable to practice with, making dance a real pleasure.

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Rental of the costumes from Spanish designers

Rental conditions

  • Costumes are rented upon presentation of a passport. The costume deposit is 3 times the cost of the daily costume rental, but is not a guarantee of the cost of the costume. The security deposit is returned to the client when the costume is returned.
  • While receiving the costume, the client together with the rental employee, checks the appearance and condition of the costume. The client is obliged to return the rented costume in the same condition in which it was at the moment of handing over it to the client. The client undertakes not to alter the costume or individual parts of the dress without the consent of the rental staff, and also not to wash or dry-clean the dress.
  • If the costume is damaged by the client, the client will be charged the cost of repairing or completely manufacturing the costume plus the cost of three days of rental according to the price list.
  • In case of delay in returning a costume, the client will be charged for each day overdue according to the price list.
  • Reservation of a costume is 1000 rubles. This money will be included in the cost of the rental. If the client changes his mind about picking up the suit, the reservation money is not refundable. In case of damage or loss of the reserved costume by another client, we are ready to offer you another dress that is available at this moment.
  • The minimum rental period for a costume is one day (24 hours). When renting a costume for a period of less than a day, the client is charged the cost of renting for the whole day.
  • The cost of renting a dress is 4,000 rubles a day; 7,500 rubles a week.

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